How do I become a RouteXpert?

Sign up

Complete the sign up procedure and leave us a basic motivation and knowledge test.


Complete the Routing Exam which consists out of a theoretical and practical part.


Complete 12 routes a year to maintain the status of Accredited RouteXpert.

Quality over quantity.

RouteXperts are required to take this accreditation tour because it ensures the quality that thousands of people expect from us. Nobody is exempt from the rules.


Signing up

Starting May 2019, all RouteXpert applications will be reviewed before approval. This way we will be able to improve the way in which we verify that participants will be able to comply with the minimum quality standards applicable for RouteXperts.


Taking the exam

The Routing Exam tests your abilities in making and reviewing routes. The RouteXpert manual forms the backbone of the theoretical knowledge you will need to complete the exam. You can take the exam up to three (3) times. After this you will be exempted from re-applying for one (1) year.


Becoming a RouteXpert

After the Routing Exam you will enter the RX trial period. In the trial period you will be guided through the process of becoming a full RouteXpert by the RouteXpert mentors. The trial period is completed by successfully creating 12 unique route reviews in one year..

Version 2.2.2

Download the latest version of the RX Manual.

Stay up to date with the latest rules, guidelines, rewards and tutorials in this version of the manual.

*required reading for all RouteXperts

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