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We were founded in December of 2018 with one goal: to create and review amazing routes for everyone, usable on every device, available on every continent. With that goal in mind we set out into the world.

In 1961, Japanese electrical engineer Hidetsugu Yagi first introduced the idea of a wireless communication and navigation system. At this time, such ideas where so new and futuristic that nobody considered the idea that such technology would ever be used for something other than military campaigns and the exploration of space.

Today we live in a new century. A century where the future is brighter than ever, where technology advances at a pace that has never been seen before and where Mr. Yagi’s original idea for a military navigation system is now adopted by many companies to make things that are not military at all. Garmin, TomTom and Google (to name a few) have built amazing devices that clip onto your car or bike that show you your route through the power of space satellites. These so called satnavs not only navigate from A to B, these days they also allow users to enter their own custom made routes that take them on amazing road trips all over the globe.

Free routes for everyone

All routes made and reviewed by the RouteXperts are available for free on the MyRoute-app Route library. You can download unlimited routes without an account.

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RouteXperts are validated in a three part accreditation course and are required to maintain their skills by submitting a minimum of 12 reviews each year.

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Over 40 RouteXperts are already part of this growing community. RouteXperts hail from all parts of the world and communicate through Slack.

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All routes made and reviewed by the RouteXperts have been checked to show consistency on TomTom, Here and OpenStreetmap.

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