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The Seniors

The RouteXpert seniors are the most experienced veterans in our company. They have spent years perfecting their craft, carefully reviewing routes for safety and convenience of travelers to ensure that we keep providing a top-quality service on every corner!

Meet the Seniors below!

Hans van de Ven

Avid motorcyclist and trainer

Hans is an active member of motorcycle club MTC-Zeilberg since 2012. He's also married to Astrid, who shares his passion for motorcycles and is part of the same club. Hans was introduced to MyRouteApp Gold back in 2014 and he's been hooked ever since! He is one of the most knowledgeable routemakers out there and continues by practicing daily, which resulted in him reaching Master level from March 2020 onward. In addition, he also gives courses himself on how to use MyRoute-app and create routes! Whether you're a beginner or advanced rider - come find out what makes up this bike enthusiast's perfect day out on the road!

Nick Carthew

Crafter of routes, master of adventure

Nick Carthew is a 61-year old who lives in North Devon, England with his wife Hannah. They have been married for over 20 years and enjoy exploring their area on motorcycles. In the last three decades Nick has traveled to dozens of famous roads with his trusty Honda Varadero, including the overhung passes in the French alps, the windmills of La Mancha in Spain and the stunning Scottish highlands with its magnificent castles. He loves reviewing routes and roads because it helps him capture moments that he can share with others.

The Mentors

The RouteXpert Mentors are experienced RouteXperts who help trainees and regular RouteXperts apply the right standards when reviewing routes. They balance between many roles as they ensure that all your downloaded tracks remain at peak quality, work on any navigation device - no matter what kind you use!

Meet the Mentors below!

Arno van Lochem

Actually a person, not a motorcycle

Leonór Orban

The best coach there is

Guy Heyns

A bike-wild Belgian with a passion for adventure

Johan Baars

Authentic RouteXpert and early adopter